We offer a wide range of selection when it comes to your catering needs. We have a few menu's set up to chose from that fits your style from formal occasions to very casual parties. Make your request and we will make sure to meet your expectations. 

With that said. Here at Makojalo we always strive to bring you the best quality meals and snacks. You will always be served with an exquisite taste of freshly prepared meals. 

All our meals are produced in sanitary environments with staff regularly monitored to meet safety regulations.

Event Hosting

Makojalo is not just a venue, but we offer services from the start to end of your function. 

Firstly we offer the finest events coordinators that will be with you through the whole process. It will kick off at the planning phase, the actual event where you can enjoy as everything is organized and your event coordinator will be present throughout the whole event, until the end of the event where you can only greet and everything else will be taken care of.

Come to us with your ideas and we will make sure to meet all your expectations throughout the process. 

We provide the venue, décor, cutlery & crockery and the accommodation for afterwards upon request.

We provide all you need to create your perfect event.